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the nuclear fallout for tonight

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Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:Washington, United States of America
be excellent to each other
zweihander is my name! But you can also call me celene. I prefer that. I'm a 29-year-old musician with a decent amount of free time. I don't use this journal much anymore, but if you'd like to catch up on my life, here's a generalized info post JUST THE NUMBER FOUR YOU.

and party on, dudes
music// blue öyster cult . coheed and cambria . jack off jill . the megas . poe . the protomen . queensrÿche . sonata arctica . the venetia fair . weird al yankovic . .38 special television// attack on titan . avatar: the last airbender . doctor who . teen titans books// angel's creed . catch-22 . the dresden files . house of leaves . invisible monsters . only revolutions video games// borderlands . brütal legend . chrono trigger . darksiders . eternal sonata . final fantasy xiii . mass effect . mirror's edge . rock band . super metroid

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#powerpuffgirls, .38 special, anne danielewski, avatar: the last airbender, bang camaro, brother firetribe, brutal legend, chrono trigger, coheed & cambria, dethklok, disbanded bands, dj bobo, doodle von taintstain, dorohedoro, douglas adams, eternal sonata, fake plastic drums, fake plastic guitar, fake plastic singing, falconer, franken fran, freezepop, fullmetal alchemist, gay wizard metal, gorillaz, guitar heroes before gh3, harmonix, house of leaves, in the air 2nite has great drums, jack off jill, jinxed, laughing at inappropriate times, lordi, lunar knights, lusting after pink, mark z danielewski, metal gear solid 3, mirror's edge, misfile, my chemical hitler, nightmare before christmas, ogalbisk, only revolutions, operation: mindcrime, osama's homobortion pot & commie jizzpor, penny arcade, picture me broken, playing electric bass, power metal, princess resurrection, rock band 2, roleplaying, rosenkreuzstilette, sinfest, singing pirahna plants, skunk anansie, sonata arctica, sonic the hedgehog, statements memes, supernatural, teen titans, the colbert report, the daily show, the ghost hounds, the sterns, thinking with mirrors, tony stark building things in caves

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