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you've been the most gracious of hosts~

Well, let's see what comes out of this.
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lol you said comes
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no i'm in your journal leavin commints
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Yo if you wanted a dreamwidth I could've gotten you one ages ago. I have codes like whoa.


Hey Colin sup.
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Ain't nothin wrong with noticing the well-defined features of another human being. Words aren't as important as pictures, anyway (especially pictures of pretty Asian men OH GOD WHAT HAVE I BECOME)

Chillin, maxin, relaxin
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AT LEAST I DON'T WRITE FANFICTION ABOUT THEM, OK. I JUST STARE BECAUSE I LIKE PRETTY MEN. And embarassing pop music. Seriously, though, 80% of this fandom gives me douchechills and makes me long for a cool fandom with cool people again. Less wapanese with their "minna~~!" and "arigatou neee~ ^___^;;;" and more smart, plz tia.

I hear that. I'm gonna go get ready for bed so that I will not miss either. Cos then I'll have to be up till 3:30 to catch the rerun. And that's not okay.

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Yo, I'd take a ship war right about now. No joke. Cos there's still shipping only it's OHMIYA IS REAL vs everyone else. Here, here's a chart about the Johnny's fandom:

This is my fandom now. Sometimes the pretty boys aren't even worth it.

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