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the sky's ablaze, it's coming down in flames~

Roseward - Light and Rain

"Light and Rain" is a song about Homestuck. I wrote it in 2009, back when I was first getting into the comic, and it's gone through several revisions to bring it to where it is today. It's the first of what I hope to be several songs that I finally get the chance to record.

Music and lyrics written by celene talbain. Vocals and bass performed by celene talbain. Guitars, drums, and production by Stephen Childs of Musically Speaking. Track artwork by Valentine Prince. Recorded at Musically Speaking, January–March 2012.

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omg it sounds so good. I remember the original midi version of this!

I'm so glad you got the chance to record this! It turned out awesome!

And your singing voice is oddly soothing
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:D=-< I look forward to hearing it!

(Obligatory question about your Metallia concept album goes here)

...lmfao that front-page post about ToA. God that game was so awful about being coherent. I GUESS I SHOULD BOOKMARK YOUR TUMBLR
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It's okay, inspiration does whatever it wants to do. Stick it on the backburner and do other shit for a while. No shame in that.

"it sure is a game" is about all I can say for it too. Did you get to the part yet where everyone just watches some kid sink into the miasma while crying for help and then turns around and yells at Luke for letting it happen?

I have never laughed harder in my life

I love Sync but only because his issues hit on some of my favourite tropes. I also like Luke when he's being a prissy brat with no idea how things work. And then I realized the game was playing that straight and not satirizing. Whoops...
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Jade is pretty much the greatest. I couldn't stand most of the party but Jade was awesome. I'll admit I also liked Guy, but I would've liked him a WHOLE LOT BETTER without all the Johnny Yong Bosch.

Yeah the reason I like Sync is ~*spoilers*~ and I don't wanna give that away cuz it's like...a major twist of the game that applies to a lot of people. Also his mask is pretty cool.

Arietta never got interesting for me. I couldn't get over how she was 14 but looked about 9 and they never bother to explain it. But lmao...she's right up your alley mister i-only-play-little-girls 8D
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[personal profile] coldfront 2012-04-10 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)

wait she's japanese, so she could be 14 for all i know
also i don't play her anymore, i just made the account

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We all know you'll play her again someday

all you need

is the right motivation

(and also the time)
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what I need is for the RKS guys to get off their asses and release a demo of Freudenstachel or something

yes, it's been four years and there hasn't been any development on it

oh man, though, I tried playing Riza again at Singularity for a little while and that kind of fell completely through, that was a really bad idea :(
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=( what happened? Just lost the muse?

I haven't really been interested in fandom games while... I went back to being an OC-only type. Maybe one day I'll play this dork again but who knows! (I'd have to play him WITH BOTH EYES who does that!)
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That and the whole "I still think I can play in more than one game" thing that I always forget about, yeah. :\ Ohhh welllll.

Man, I saw you and your game gettin' some love on the appreciation meme, I am SO SUPER STOKED that it's still going great for you. I'm still mostly terrible at OCs (Amanda only sort of counts) so it's not something I've entertained on any serious basis yet, but MAYBE. ONE DAY. Perhaps. (Probably not.) (Maybe.)
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wait wait what

my game got mentioned on the appreciation meme?! :O=-< THIS IS NEWS TO ME

to be honest though it's been having some issues recently, our playerbase is just too small to hold up when multiple people hiatus at the same time and my co-mod (who was running the plot) ended up too busy IRL to do anything. Hoooopefully that will not be an issue anymore because she gave me permission to pull in another plot mod and just go wild without worrying about her plan. We'll see.

You still playing Vriska then? I, too, have problems with thinking I'm capable of being in more than one game at a time when I'm not.
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Jeez what is it with games that you run and tiny playerbases :V But yeah, it totally did, and results seem to be positive for excellence. I am pretty sure you can pull the game back up, though, you're pretty good at that sort of thing.

More or less constantly playing Vriska, yeah, though I'm having some motivational problems lately vis-a-vis character development. There's only, like, so much I can realistically do with her, and I keep thinking that I've hit the wall and I'm mostly just tagging around to be active instead of to develop her character. People keep suggesting stuff but it never really seems to stick, which is honestly probably more of a failing with me than her. I don't know, it's still fun, I just can't sink my teeth in as much as I used to be able to. HI HAVE A WALL OF TEXT.
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Is this a meme where it's kosher to respond logged in? I can just look I guess.

Man, you've been playing her so long at the same place it's not really surprising to hit a wall like that. I believe that, at some point, every character will hit a place where you just can't realistically develop them anymore without making them unfun.
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I'm pretty sure it's okay to respond logged in, yeah. I mean if you show up thanking people on anon it's gonna be pretty obvious anyway, so why not.

Yeah, you're right on that front, it's just that, like, Vriska's the first character I really had a chance to develop this much, so it's a totally weird feeling for me. Freudia and Riza and people like them, they were good people to begin with, but Vriska's just a big ol' bundle of... Vriska. I don't know. It's a thing that's happening and that's kind of all there is to say on the matter, I guess?
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Yeah, it's really something entirely different to take somebody who's a terrible person and make them develop realistically than it is to start with somebody who's already a good person.

Maybe you need a break from her so you can come back with fresh ideas later? Play someone else for a while, get into a different character's head.

I've never managed to play a character quite that long, but I have hit a point with other characters where I just didn't know what to do with them anymore because they were, logically, at the end of their development.

Obviously if you're still having fun with her, then just keep on truckin' and don't worry about it. If she's not going to develop further, then she's just not.

Of course, you could always go the opposite route and THOROUGHLY BREAK HER and build her back up from there.
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lmfao, oh you.

CR never being around to actually play with you is a real bummer. One of my really active characters in my previous game had a wife whose player just...never played her without prompting, and they hardly interacted even though they were married =/ (That was Duncan, actually. I ended up giving him an eyepatch at some point looool we are both awful about this.)
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hahaha a fine solution, but it doesn't solve the problem of "hey this person my character theoretically has a close relationship with IS NEVER FUCKING AROUND"

RP is totally serious business man

(right??? fuck depth perception! looking like a badass is waaaay more important)
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I think it is just really the nature of fandom RP more than anything else. People just don't seem to stick around very long or very consistently.